3th Anniversary



Hello everybody!!!


Today is a wonderfull day, because 3 years ago ArtBox opened its doors to the world and I made one of my dreams come true, having my own Icons Archive and I'm so happy because of this. I would never have obtained this without you, thank you so much for your visit and support.


I'm sorry for not update before but new icons are coming.




I've made new icons of one of the most attractive men in the world, Robert Pattinson, 23 new icons and I hope you like them.





I'm so sorry for the lack of updates, but I had many things to do the last months. I made some icons of Keira Knightley, Hayden Panettiere, Emily Deschanel, Dakota Fanning and Wentworth Miller. I hope you like them.





Hey guys!


This is a happy night because I have new layout in ArtBox and I love it!!!! I don't know if you think the same but I love it XD.


Anyway, I'll make new icons soon, please leave me your comments about the new layout in the tag ok and thanks for your visit.




Hi everyone, I'm still alive!! more than 2 months without update, I'm sorry :(


Anyway, I have new icons to post, in fact there are 40 new icons in this set, you will meet with 4 handsome guys: 10 Mocomichi Hayami, 10 Mizushima Hiro, 10 Oguri Shun and 10 Shirota Yu, the last 3 guys are from the drama Hanazakari no Kimitachi e.




OMG! finally I have time to update this site, I'm sorry for the lack of update but the work isn't the same XD.


Well, I've added the last icons that I've posted in Colorset, there are 50 icons dedicated to Ikuta Toma, one of my favorite japanese actors. I hope you like them. I'll have new icons soon, I promise. ^^




There's been added 85 new icons to the archive, 57 from the movie The Forbidden Kingdom, 17 of the actress Camilla Belle and 11 of Emma Watson.




I've added 60 new icons from the movie The Chronicled of Narnia: Prince Caspian, I watched the movie last week and I love it, so I made this icons. I also added a new affiliate: Heart Shape Box, welcome Amanda ^^




Artbox have 2 years online!!!!!


I'm sorry for the lack of updates, but finally, I've uploaded the icons of one of my last Colorset's post, all icons about actresses. I hope you like them and here's the list: 2 Ali Larter22 Christina Ricci, 32 Debra Messing, 20 Emma Watson and 10 Scarlett Johansson.




I have added a new affiliate. Iconnez, thanks for by my affiliates Mona ^_^



I'm here!!! finally!!! I'm so sorry for the lack of updates but I had so many things to do.


This time I have OLD and NEW icons: 20 Yogurting icons, these icons were made with images from an onilne RPG game (I put this icons under the Animie category because is the closest concept that I have), 4 Hermione Granger (OOTP) icons, 2 Becoming Jane icons, 1 The Prestige icon, 6 Penelope icons, 2 Batman: The Dark Knight icons, 1 Dennis the Menace icons, 1 Wolverine icon, 1 Wentworth Miller icon and 1 Daniel Radcliffe.


Also I've added 1 new affiliates: Another Dreamer.



I have added a 2 new affiliates. Striped Socks and Beautifully Broken.



I have added a new affiliate, please welcome to Niki with Picturesque.



New icons: 5 Tom Welling and 5 Wentworth Miller.




I have added new icons, 35 in total, here the list: 10 MichellePfeiffer, 4 Scarlett Johansson, 8 Hayden Panettiere, 7 Kirsten Dunst, 3 Katherine Heigl and 3 Cameron Diaz. I hope you like them.



Also I've added a new affiliate,, welcome Sofia and Sami ^^



Finally I have time to make some icons, just a few but is better than nothing, right? There are 8 Scarlett Johansson, 3 Stock (People and Food & Drinks) and 1 of Joss Stone.


Also I've added a new section, Awards, I do not enter in many challenge but I've entered in two lately, well not so recently but anyway.



I have added 1 new affiliates.



I'm sorry for not update before, I promisse make some new icons soon. By now, I have added 2 new affiliates.



I have 20 new icons, 10 of Ali Larter and 10 more of Hilary Duff.



I have added 2 new affiliates, please welcome A-Squared and Senkei.



I've added 51 new icons in the Actors: Daniel Radcliffe, Milo Ventimiglia, T.R. Knight and Peter Petrelli (Heroes).



I've added 29 new icons all in the Actresess category, Ashley Tisdale, Hyden Panettiere, Liv Tyler and Maggie Grace. Also I have a new amazing affiliate, Ma Creations.



I have new layout for the site!!! and well I've added 137 icons into Actors, Musicians, Movies and Fashion categories.


As you can see, I have changed the site a bit, I have a new organization for your better navigation and a LOG for a quick icons history.


I've added a tagboard so feel free to leave me your comments about the site and the icons or whatever you want.


I hope you like it. ^^